About Order-Control

What is Order-Control?

Order-Control is an order status tracking and communication service for the whBOOK software.

Only professional antiquarian and second-hand bookstores are allowed to use Order-Control. The information and data used by Order-Control are transmitted from the bookstore via the whBOOK software. Order-Control supports the following marketplaces:

  • Buchfreund
  • Achtung-Bücher
  • ZVAB
  • Abebooks
  • eBay
  • Booklooker
  • Amazon

What advantages does Order-Control provide?

The goal of Order-Control is to add more transparency to your orders and to improve the communication with the merchant you've bought from. Most of the questions, that occur after the purchase, should be answered by Order-Control.

All merchants using Order-Control established themselves as professionals by keeping a low cancellation rate and shipment within a few working days.

Sold articles will be removed from other marketplaces like ZVAB, Buchfreund, eBay etc. in short time thanks to our internal stock-remove functionality. This way we help to reduce the amount of cancellations even further and to improve your shopping experience.

You will find tracking information within order-control if the merchant has shipped your order with a shipping provider with tracking like DHL, Hermes and more. You're also able to find all payment information necessary to directly pay your order if you haven't done so already.

If you wish you're also able to browse other articles and rarities from the same merchant.

We will delete your personal data automatically 30 days after we haven't received a new status update for your transaction. Of course, you can delete all personal information earlier within your account settings if you want to. You can also choose to keep this information from deletion for your own personal usage if you wish to do so.

What does the usage of Order-Control cost?

Order-Control is free to use for you and the merchants!